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FS-05 600W High power automatic heating waffle maker

The FS-05 waffle maker with double-sided automatic heating is used to free your hands and make delicious waffles without turning them over. 600W high power and fast heating, no need to wait, the delicacy of brushing your teeth and washing your face can be out of the pot. Overheating protection and temperature control, two safety guarantees; environmental protection non-stick double layer, so that you can rest assured to make delicious food throughout the process, cook with peace of mind, and eat healthy. The balanced heating technology makes the waffles perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With its compact size, it's the perfect cooking partner at home or on the go.

Automatic heating, overheat protection, temperature control, top and bottom double-sided heating, environmentally friendly non-stick double-graphic layer, high temperature resistant gum wood housing.
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FS-05 600W High power automatic heating waffle maker Suppliers

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